MACH-Aero Framework

MACH-Aero is a framework for performing gradient-based aerodynamic shape optimization. It consists of the following core modules:

  • baseClasses defines Python classes used by the other packages

  • pySpline is a B-spline implementation used by the other packages

  • pyGeo is a module for geometry manipulation and constraint formulation

  • IDWarp performs mesh warping using an inverse distance method

  • ADflow is a 2nd-order finite volume CFD solver with an efficient adjoint implementation

  • pyOptSparse is an optimization framework which provides a unified interface to several popular optimizers

And the following optional modules:

  • pyHyp is a hyperbolic mesh generation tool used as a preprocessing step

  • multiPoint facilitates distributed multipoint optimization and handles the parallel communication using MPI

  • cgnsUtilities is a command-line tool that allows carrying out several simple mesh manipulation operations on CGNS grids

  • DAFoam provides efficient adjoint implementations for OpenFOAM to be used for CFD instead of ADflow

More detail for the framework can be found in Overview of MACH-Aero. If you use any of our codes, please cite us.